Thursday, March 6, 2014

Clearly slow moving

How does one fit blogging into their lives?  Working 40-45 hours in a regular week (sometimes 50...60...80), commuting 2 hours every day... oh yeah, that New Year's Resolution about working out (we've actually been getting 2-3 days per week in), cook dinner, do the laundry...

Currently I've promised my friend Erin I would pull some palettes together based around a couple of area rugs she likes.  I did one pass back in February and told her I would do more, but have yet to return to that.

Last night a coworker and I went to see about a potential side job, that wiped out that night.  I returned home to only find my dog, as my fiance was out at a meeting for a side job of his own.  I sat down for a gourmet dinner of cereal and a glass of wine.

Tonight, I'm even cutting this blog post short.  I commend people with children who have full time jobs, I don't know how you do it!

Must. Make. Time. To Blog!