Monday, February 17, 2014

Today is President's Day

And according to good ol' Wikipedia, it is a holiday to celebrate Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday, or 'some combination of U.S. Presidents.'

Well, I keep saying I will start blogging, and why not today?  This day celebrates several, or at least one of the most famous go-getters out there.  Perhaps this will impart some good Karma to my blog and blogging endeavor.

I haven't even completely figured out Blogger and how to customize it.  I've added a background image and played with a font.  But I told myself to stop making excuses (e.g. "I need to set aside some time to really set it up.")  So here I am.  If you decide to follow this, you will see the blog evolve.

This is a design blog of sorts, and I am a designer.  I'll design this blog along with my home, and many other projects I pick up along the way, large and small.  It's all about the evolution.  And it's always a work in progress--because is design ever really done?  But the largest factors to blame are the lack of time, the lack of motivation, and sometimes life just taking over with its own plans.

So while I, and most likely you, follow and enjoy so many other blogs that are all about amazing DIY projects and design inspiration, this one will have a little slant of reality.  It will be a little about the struggle to make time, to save money up, to conjure up the creativity and motivation; and a lot about what comes from that.  Because a tight budget, the free time outside of a 40-50 hour work week, and the gumption we find naturally often leads to a type of creativity a lot of us can appreciate.

I'll share what I've found in life, and as a designer designing in the real world.  And hopefully I'll gather a following with a variety of backgrounds and something unique to offer as well--all united by notion it is just so hard to find the time!  It's a struggle, but we can do it.  Maybe taking a moment to think on the accomplishments of our founding fathers will help light a fire for you.  Or, if you're like me and can't relate so well to starting a revolution or a country, maybe this simple little blog post will.  Here goes.

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  1. I'm following you! You always have the best ideas, the most innovative (but practical) work-arounds, and since you're a veteran DIYer of your own home for years now, you know what you're talking about. That, and you actually do this--only on a larger and vastly more extensive and expensive scale--for your day job. Not many bloggers can say they're living the dream from 9-5. Or in your case...7:30am until midnight, or when your deadlines permit. ;) Can't wait to read more!