Monday, February 17, 2014

Room & Board has better delivery rates than IKEA

Room and Board just announced better delivery rates in the Boston area--$89.  Sigh. We can dream that we can afford this stuff, right? Well, if it's something you really want, it's not completely unattainable.

And, they do have some relatively affordable items... Like this convertible grown-up futon the Eden for $999. (Not too much with that one, but big plus it converts. And of course it's pretty adorable). Or the very practical, York sofas starting at $1099.

But IKEA Is still the cheapest even when delivery is $129, and you can score an L-shaped sofa that converts to a bed for under $850.

Who are we kidding?--if we're trying for the best deal we're finding the friend with the biggest vehicle, taking the minimum half day trip, and playing clown car with the oddest shaped boxes in the parking lot. Don't worry it will all fit! (Well, there's always delivery).

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